How do I price my items?
All consignors must price their own items.  Try and think,
"What would I pay for this item?"

Most items sell best when priced 25-40 percent of their
original price.  Price lower if not in good condition and up
to 40 percent if new or in great condition.
Some best sellers are: Doll Houses, Step 2, Toddler beds,
playhouses, kitchens, riding toys, Jogger strollers, Little Tykes.

All Items must start at $1.00 or more and go up in .50
increments.  Even though the system will allow other
increments Your Child and Mine will only allow .50
increments. (ex. $1.50, $2.00, $2.50)  Price lower if you
want them to sell faster and especially if you are going to
donate them.  

If you can't remember what you paid for them, try
looking them up at either Toys r' us, Babies r' us, Fisher
Price etc.
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