What Percentage can I earn?

You automatically earn 60% just consigning with us plus an
early shopping pass!!!

For the first shift worked you earn 65% and an earlier
shopping pass that someone who just consigns!!

For 2 shifts you earn 70% and an earlier shopping pass!!

For 3 shifts you earn 75% and the earliest shopping pass
one shift must be on a Thursday or Friday)

If you volunteer you need to follow through.  We are
counting on you.  In the event that you do not fulfill your
pledged obligations, or cannot find a comparable
replacement, you will not be allowed to participate as a
volunteer again or participate in any future preview sales.  
We need to do this because we count on you to help make a
great sale.  Please call if there are any emergencies. We
will email all workers with cell numbers to reach us the
week of the sale.  Please keep in mind that you may be
calling when we are helping customers so please call only if
a true emergency!!!!!

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