Sell, or
-Schedule To Drop Off Now-
Please bring:
1: ONE box or bin (without the lid) with your consignor
and sort letter on the short end  in big print if not
donating all unsold items.
The sort letter can be found on
the bottom right of your tags.
 You may bring other bins to
pickup to carry items home.

2.  A Self-addressed, stamped envelope if donating at the
end of the sale for your donation slip to be sent to you.

Drop offs on
Wednesday after 10AM should have no
more than 100 items.

Drop off should take approximately 30 minutes or less
depending on how organized you are and how many items
you have.  (
remember you  are responsible for putting items out)
Your items should be tagged, hung, and sorted before you
arrive.  This will shorten your time dropping off.  
Please have clothing separated by size and gender.
**Toddler sizes remain with the regular size.
(Ex. size 2 and 2T can remain together)
***Coats also remain with their size
****Costumes(Fall sale) are sorted out for a different
Please come in and let us know you are here.  We have
rolling racks and a dolly to help bring items in.
When you arrive you will be responsible for hanging
clothing on the appropriate racks according to size and
gender.  You will also have to place other non-clothing
items in the appropriate places. All SHOES should be left
at the sorting table to be checked prior to being put out.
If unsure of where to place an item, please ask and we will
be happy to help you.   We will be monitoring items
throughout the sale.  If an item is deemed inappropriate it
will be pulled and placed in your consignor box.  
Picking up
Pick-up will be Saturday 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm.  NO EARLY
PICKUPS!  It is to difficult for the volunteers sorting.  
Anything not picked up by 6pm will be donated or become
property of Your Child and Mine.

Please double check your pile for mis-sorted items. We
will notify you if your item was mis-sorted and make
arrangements to return the item to you. Your Child and
Mine is not responsible for missing, damaged or stolen
If you tell us you will pick up, please do.  Unfortunately,
due to the time it takes to sort items, if you neglect to
pick up your items we will have to donate them at the end
of the pick-up time in order that we might have the space
cleared by that evening.  Additionally, a $50 dollar fee will
be deducted for any consignor who said they will pick up
and does not.  We need to do this to cover the cost and
effort of sorting your items.
Checks will be mailed out approximately 7-10 days
following the sale!!!
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