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What's New FALL 2018

Drop-off- After 10:00 on Wednesday morning you may
only drop off if it is 100 items or less.  

Pick up- is now beginning at 5:00 till 5:30 on Saturday!!
NO EARLY PICKUPS ARE ALLOWED.  It is too difficult
for the people that are sorting.  If you arrive early and
we are not ready you will have to wait until 5:00.  If you
do not pickup there is now a $50 DOLLAR charge.  We
have no room to take your belongings and it becoming to
difficult for us.  

Shoes-Please only consign your best shoes.  This sale we
will have all shoes left on the de-tagging tables and we
will look at them before they go to the bins.  We would
like the infant shoes put into sandwich bags with the tags.  
They are getting separated to often.  

Books-There is now a limit of 50 books per person to sell.

Bin Left for Pick-up- Please put your consignor number on the
end of the bin so that the volunteers can see them easily. Please
make the number large.  Please leave only ONE bin, it is to mark
your spot only.  You may bring more bins to pick up to put items
in, but only ONE can be left with NO lid.

Volunteers-you must sign in and out.  We need to work the full
time.  It is only fair to others.  If you are late for any reason
you must fulfill your full time.  Please do not be late others wait
until you arrive to leave.
 Please do not drop off during your
volunteer time.

Stuffed animals
-We only accept NEW or battery operated
stuffed animals. We have been getting too many well loved
animals.  They do not sell and only take up room. If we get them
we will remove them from the floor.  

Underwear- We can only accept new underwear in the package,
any others will be removed from the floor.

Pants-ALL pants need to be on clip hangers or hung on the top of
the hanger not pinned to the bottom.  They slide and will not
sell.  Pin them where the shoulders are and the present much