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What's New Spring 2019

Saturday Sale hours- starting at 9 am not 8.

Consignor fee-is now 15 dollars

Tags-We changed the type of tag that will print out.  
There will be 10 to a page instead of 6.  Your old tags will
still work, do not reprint them. With the new tag you will
no longer need to highlight donated, a
large black dot will
show if the item is to be donated on the tag.  We hope
this makes it easier for all.   

Tagging-No small safety pins please and pinning to a tag
or a seam is best.  

Pickup- Please add your Sort Letter to you bin if picking
up. You will find the letter on the bottom right of your
tag.  So, put both your consignor number and your sort
letter on the short end of the bin you are leaving for

Pants-ALL pants need to be on clip hangers or hung on the top of
the hanger not pinned to the bottom.  They slide and will not
sell.  Pin them where the shoulders are and the present much